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Lost in Random wants you to embrace chaos in a Burtonesque adventure

Lost in Random
Zoink Games, the creative force behind Fe and Flipping Death, has announced a new game called Lost in Random. The game was briefly revealed in 2019, but now we get to learn more about it. Plus, publisher EA has released an official teaser trailer, which gives us a chance to see the game's distinct art style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdM8pFtjtcI Lost in Random takes place in...

Flipping Death review: The puzzles are to die for

Flipping Death review
Flipping Death is funny with a lot of clever puzzles to solve in entertaining ways. The annoying controls almost kill it, but creativity wins in the end. Flipping Death is about death, loss and second chances. But it’s also a game about possessing a seagull and crapping into a pot of spaghetti. It’s this contrast alone that make Flipping Death worth...

Fe review: Singing in the woods

Fe review
Fun, original platforming and puzzles, wrapped in a great soundtrack and beautiful aesthetics make Fe an instant indie classic. Fe was one of the games I was most excited about when visiting Gamescom 2017, where the indie adventure game was introduced to me by lead producer, Hugo Bille. In his presentation, Bille explained how growing up in Sweden, he and many others...

Stick it to the Man is a new adventure game on PS3 and Vita where you stick it to the man

The Sweden-based Zoink! Games has announced Stick it to the Man, a new platform adventure game. In the game you plays as Ray, a weird man living in a weird world where everything is made out of paper and stickers. One day Ray has an accident (something falls on his head) and after waking up in a hospital, he discovers "a giant pink...

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