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Zenimax showcases The Elder Scrolls Online with the PS4 Pro

In addition to the wealth of other games looking to take advantage of the updated PlayStation 4 Pro, Zenimax online has debuted their 4K trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online. Separating itself from the herd, The Elder Scroll Online will support Native 4K resolution from day one of the PS4 Pro's lifespan. The developers took care to mention the "Native...

The Elder Scrolls Online unleashes its first patch for Reforging Orsinium

In the midst of the countless raids and story content unleashed in Reforging Orsinium, The Elder Scrolls Online's newest DLC, players have effectively explored its content and exploited more than a few bugs. Thanks to all of this reckless gameplay, Zenimax Online has decided to roll out its first patch update, simply titled patch 1.10. 1.10 features a wealth of...

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