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A new Batman game for XBLA

16th of April, 2011   Rumors coursing through the web are saying that Warner Bros have registered several new domains for a new game by the name of Gotham Imposters. As many of you know, Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the best games of 2009, and many of you (myself included) can’t wait for the sequel, Batman: Arkham City. And...

Ubisoft presents a beautiful trailer for Outland, release revealed to be on the 27th

14th of April, 2011   For those who have not yet heard of it: Outland, the new arcade game by Ubisoft, will be arriving to the PSN on the 26th of April and to the XBLA on the 27th. This information was first revealed in the new and beautiful trailer for the game which showcases the online coop option of playing...

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