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World of Warplanes is bombing us with new content

World of Warplanes 2.0
One of the most prolific companies we met at Gamescom 2018 is Wargaming. We got to talk with the global brand manager, AI King, about their plans for World Of Warplanes in the coming year. If you never heard of it before, World of Warplanes is an online multiplayer game that tries to deliver the experience of World War 2's...

World of Warplanes review: Crash, burn, and have fun doing so

The enemy target is in sight, right below. You make a steep dive, firing a hail of bullets on the unsuspecting aircraft. As its flaming fuselage crashes into the mountain side, you pet yourself on the back and mark another notch on your control panel. But this little moment of triumph doesn't last very long; a German Bf 109...

InfoGamer 2013: Get airborne with World of Warplanes

During our visit to InfoGamer 2013 in Croatia, I got a chance to try out Wargaming's recently released World of Warplanes. Wargaming is, of course, best known for World of Tanks (that is coming soon to Xbox 360) and World of Warplanes doesn't stray far from what made it predecessor such a success. However, it does manage to carry...

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