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Watch Dogs new screens show two powerful weapons

Ubisoft has released a new batch of screenshots for the ever-so-exciting Watch Dogs, showing protagonist Aiden using his two most powerful weapons - his gun and his smartphone. See them below. Watch Dogs will hack your current and next-gen consoles on in November 2013.

Watch Dogs to launch in November with four different editions

Ubisoft has announced that the anticipated title Watch Dogs will be released in North America on November 19, in Europe on November 21 and in the UK on November 22. With this announcement can a detailed description of the four different editions available for gamers to choose from. The Dedsec Edition Physical content A 23cm Aiden Pearce Figurine Steelbook™ DedSec Collector box Watch_Dogs Artbook: artworks...

Watch Dogs new video analyses previously released gameplay demo

Ubisoft has released a new video of Watch Dogs, showing an in-game analysis of Aiden Pearce hacking and combat abilities. It is basically the same gameplay video we first saw at the PS4 announcement event, but with an added layer of story-telling. Watch the "ctOS Threat Monitoring Report" video below.

Watch Dogs confirmed for PS4, new open world gameplay video released

A new gameplay demo for the exciting Watch Dogs was shown during Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2013, and we got it right here below for your viewing pleasure. We got to say Watch Dogs looks amazing in every possible way, with great graphics and unique gameplay and concepts. The official blurb reads: "Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a...

Who watches the watch dogs? no idea, but you should watch this Watch Dogs interview

Ubisoft's new IP Watch Dogs is probably the best game we've seen all E3, with it's beautiful graphics, clever gameplay and interesting settings. If you'd like to learn more about this unique-looking game - you are in luck. Jonathan Morin, creative director over at Ubisoft Montreal, has given GamersPack's E3 crew a great interview where he talks about what you can do...

Watch Dogs isn’t a next gen game, out on Xbox 360, PS3 and iPad

Yves Guillemot, head of Ubisoft, has confirmed that Watch Dogs will be released on current generation consoles, as well as on the PC. Because of its impressive looking graphics it was speculated the game is intended for next-gen technology. It was also revealed via an interview on Destructoid that Watch Dogs will have an iPad app that which can help the player...

Ubisoft announces a brand new IP: Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has announced a brand new IP at the end of its E3 press conference called Watch Dogs. Again, this is a new IP, not a sequel or a reboot or a re-imagining (and we here at GamersPack love new IPs). Watch Dogs takes place in a Chicago controlled by a computer system, controlled in turn by a major corporation....

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