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Liberated review: Come for the game, stay for the comic book

Liberated review
Liberated is part comic book and part side-scrolling shooter. The comic book part is excellent and tells a powerful dystopian story. The game part? Not so much. Liberated is split into two pretty separate experiences. One is an engaging comic book about a dystopian world where Big Brother is everywhere. The second is a 2.5D action platformer with cool-looking visuals,...

Liberated gameplay video shows what’s it like to play a comic book

Liberated gameplay video
Publisher Walkabout Games have released nine minutes of Liberated gameplay. In this video, we see the main character, Barry Edwards, driving through the tech-noir city as he attempts to lose the cops and reach the Liberated's headquarters. We later get to see some action, stealth, and lots of dialogue. However, the main reason Walkabout Games released these nine minutes of gameplay...

Liberated, a cyberpunk noir thriller is a Switch timed exclusive coming 2020

Liberated is an action-adventure title that merges graphic novels and side-scrolling action. The story is told through the pages of a digital comic book that transitions into the hand-drawn graphics of the gameplay segments. You'll shoot, sneak, jump, and climb your way across a world eerily similar to our own, in which technology controls the people and not the other...

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