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Dodocase P2 VR rig brings you to all new worlds

The hit designers behind the popular Dodocase brand of smartphone and tablet cases have taken up a partnership with Google cardboard to create the P2 Pop-Up Viewer VR headset for iOS and Android. On hand at the VRX 2015 show floor, the P2 is an incredibly portable solution to the entry level prices of other virtual experiences. The first quarter...

Crytek brings two Jurassic experiences to VRX 2015

The talented developers at Crytek were able to put on one hell of a show at VRX 2015. Starting from the show floor, they had brought along the demo for the wall climbing epic - Back to Dinosaur Island 2. Running on the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and the unfailing CryEngine, the company pushing the limits of...

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