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Top 10 indie games from #PitchYaGame – Round 2

Pitch ya game round 2
#PitchYaGame is back for another round, and developers from all across Twitter are sharing their games with the world. We combed from another batch of them and handpicked our favorite top 10 games (in no particular order). Enjoy, and be sure to follow these devs and projects. For more top indie game pitches, check out our top 10 list from...

Voidtrain is a survival game where you build a train and fight interdimensional Nazis

Voidtrain is a survival game about a train traveling through an interdimensional void. Don't you love it when a game's premise is immediately evident in the title? There's a little more to the game than trains and void, naturally. There are flying shark-like creatures, Nazis, and other monstrous creatures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2EcvX333F8 In Voidtrain, you are a crew member onboard an interdimensional express. Your...

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