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See Vergil in action with this DmC gameplay trailer

We already know DmC: Devil may Cry will let players who pre-order it to as Vergil (Dante's twin brother) in a separate DLC chapter called Vergil's Downfall. Now, thanks to a video released by Capcom, we can see Vergil in action as he zips around levels kicking some major demon butt. Watch the gameplay trailer below. DmC: Devil may Cry will release...

Vergil’s Downfall: new DmC DLC will let you play as Dante’s evil twin Vergil

DmC: Devil May Cry will get a new DLC chapter soon after launch, containing hours of new gameplay, 4 difficulty levels, weapons, combos, enemies, locations and an all new storyline. This new chapter will give players the opportunity to play as Vergil, Dante's evilish twin. According to the official announcement, Vergil's Downfall DLC will be available to download shortly after...

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