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Unruly Heroes review: Well, at least it’s pretty

Unruly Heroes review
Unruly Heroes’ visuals are truly stunning, but the platforming, combat, and story lack any real depth. I wanted to like Unruly Heroes; I really did. I love the art style, the character sprites, the animations - basically, the whole visual side of the game looks pretty darn impressive. Sadly, everything else never measures up to the same quality. Platforming is too...

Nintendo highlights a bunch of new indie games coming to the Switch

Nintendo has released a new video, full of "turn-based, role-playing and platforming action." More specifically - indie action. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8eRT4HVT1U The first game on the list is Wargroove, a new indie turn-based strategy game by Chucklefish. In Wargroove, up to four players wage war on lovely pixelated battlefields in online or local multiplayer. Each player chooses a commander that...

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