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Röki review: A beautiful tale touched by magic

Röki Gamescom winter
Röki is a charming adventure game with lovely visuals and challenging puzzles. The fairy tale facade hides a touching story that proves folklore still has its place in our modern world. It's not every day that you come across a modern fairy tale - a story that leans on familiar, universal themes but tells them in a new, lasting way....

Röki, the modern fairy tale adventure, is out now on PC, coming soon to Switch

Röki is a beautiful indie game, full of adventure, courage, and Scandinavian folklore. And it's out now on PC through Steam, HumbleBundle, and GOG. In case you'd rather do your adventuring on the go, you'd be happy to know a Nintendo Switch version is coming "in the near future." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nNQNpC6b4I In this dark, contemporary fairy tale, we play as Tove, a young...

Röki release date revealed with a beautiful and informative trailer

Röki, a fantastical adventure inspired by Scandinavian folklore, has an official release date. The game is coming to PC on July 23. The release date announcement came at the end of a new trailer, first aired during the Guerilla Collective live stream. In this new Röki trailer, we learn more about the protagonist Tove and the magical world she explores. We...

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