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IGF 2019 finalists revealed, Return of the Obra Dinn leads with most nominations

Organizers of The Independent Games Festival have announced the full list of finalists for the 21st annual IGF awards. Return of the Obra Dinn, which made it into our Best Games of 2018 list, is nominated for five categories. Other finalists include Minit, Hypnospace Outlaw, Noita, and Unavowed - another entry in our "best of 2018" list. There are plenty...

Best games of 2018: 25 games we loved playing this year

It's time to bid farewell to 2018 and remember all the great games it brought us. We've waited right until the final days of the year to compile our best games list, just to be sure we manage to play and experience as many of them as possible. It was a grueling process (poor us), but in the end,...

Unavowed is a retro supernatural adventure where you fight evil and your own inner demons

Unavowed, the newest title by indie developer and publisher Wadjet Eye Games, will be out on August 8. To celebrate, here's the game's official launch trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_xysUrYgbg In Unavowed you play a person who is "possessed by some kind of demon." After six months of your demonic parasite forcing you to cut a bloody trail through New York City, you are rescued by...

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