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Best Role-playing games of 2016: Blood, wine and Pokemon

There were truly a lot of role-playing games we loved to play in 2016. From small and innovative indie titles to grand scale AAA adventures, we've experienced many stories across many different settings. Though we loved many of them, we had to pick out the best ones for this list - not an easy task to say the least....

Tyranny review: It feels good to be bad

Tyranny review
After a successful Kickstarter campaign and Steam Early Access, Tyranny is finally released in all its villainous glory - and after playing through its 30-hour campaign I have to say I am impressed. An “Old School” RPG that will fill those of us who grew up on Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale with nostalgia, Tyranny borrows a lot of mechanics...

Obsidian is launching a new RPG where you’re the bad guy

Obsidian and Paradox Interactive took advantage of GDC 2016 to announce Tyranny, a new RPG title. Tyranny is not going to be your average RPG, where you are the hero and save everyone. This time you play the bad guy in a fantasy world that is still recovering from a massive conflict between good and evil, where evil has triumphed. "You are the judge and executioner...

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