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Welcome to Elk tells heartbreaking stories in the most whimsical way

Welcome to Elk, an island where everybody has a story to tell. All those stories are real, according to developer Triple Topping, which makes them even more fantastical. I got to play through one of these stories at Gamescom 2019, and experience the dissonance between the kids-friendly visual style and the dark subject matter. The story I played told of George,...

Indie game Elk tells real stories that are too weird to be true

Elk reveal trailer
Elk is a narrative game based on a series of real stories by real people. These stories are weird, surreal, and bizarre, but developer Triple Topping swears they are all based on first-hand accounts. How weird can it really be? Well, one of the stories tells of Lauge, brother of Elk's director Astrid, who almost smuggled diamonds in India and...

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