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Braid Anniversary Edition features improved visuals and developer commentary

Braid Anniversary Edition
The announcement of a Braid remaster called Braid Anniversary Edition on Sony's State of Play presentation was a total, and pretty amazing, surprise. Braid was first released in 2008 and is a memorable puzzle-platformer that I enjoyed playing and still recommend it whenever I can. Finally, after 12 long years, it's getting a remastered edition for all those who haven't...

The Witness cast of voice actors revealed

The Witness is the highly anticipated adventure puzzle game by Jonathan Blow, creator of the critically acclaimed Braid. The game is to be set on an island where the player must complete various maze-like puzzles in order to advance and uncover the secrets that lie ahead. To provide some much need background, and maybe hints, are many audio recordings scattered throughout...

The Witness can last up to 40 hours of non-linear gameplay

The Witness, the new puzzles game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow and Thekla Inc., will apparently last somewhere between 24 to 40 hours, if you play through the entire game (some of it's optional). Writing on the PS Blog, Blow reveals that the game, designed to end around the eight-hour mark, is actually a much longer affair if you play it from...

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