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The Unholy Society review: The power of pop culture compels you

The Unholy Society looks nice but is mostly empty of any substance. Repetitive combat and pointless pop culture references dominate this very short game that ends just as things finally get interesting. You know preciously what The Unholy Society is from the second you launch it. The groovy tunes and the image of a priest bursting through a stained glass...

Banish Dracula and Cthulhu as a drunk exorcist in The Unholy Society

The Unholy Society
The Unholy Society is an indie adventure platform game, where you face off against vampires, werewolves, and demonic girls with long hair. You play as a whiskey-soaked exorcist in a world taken over by ghosts and ghouls. Your job is to get rid of them through turn-based exorcisms. In your travels, you'll meet creatures such as the Werewolf King, the Great Old One, Satan,...

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