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The Textorcist review: There’s a new type of Bullet Hell in town

The Textorcist is an extremely tough but rewarding Bullet Hell that's slightly on the frustrating side. The Textorcist is kind of a unique concept - it's a Bullet Hell typing game, combined with a healthy dose of humor and just the right amount of frustration. In case the term “Bullet Hell...

The Textorcist is a bullet hell where you need to dodge while typing in Latin

The Textorcist
The Textorcist is a bullet hell typing game. That's write! Ahh... right. Not only do you need to dodge dozens of incoming projectiles with pin-point accuracy, but you also need to type in an incantation to exorcise the demon shooting them at you; at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpMTzOCk2qU You...

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