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In Darkborn, you are a monster out to kill the Vikings who slew your family

The Outsiders, an indie studio made out of ex-Dice and Overkill devs, has officially announced its first project - Darkborn. In Darkborn, you are a monstrous creature out for revenge against the Vikings (or Pale, as your people call them) who viciously murdered your kin. It's a dark, story-driven action game that aims to...

Project Wight is a horror game where humans are the monsters

Project Wight is the first game by The Outsiders, a new indie studio formed by ex-DICE and Overkill developers. The game takes place in the "early Vikings era," but depicts a world slightly different than our own. In Project Wight's world, humans share the land with a humanoid species that walks on all fours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHFlIpN0ROw The twist here is that we will...

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