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SWTOR wants you to choose sides: Imperial Agent or Jedi Consular

It's decision time. In a brand new video, Bioware wants us to choose our side in the upcoming online game - Star Wars: The Old Republic. This time we must decide between the Imperial Agent, a spec-ops/sniper trooper, and the Jedi Consular, a master of the force. The developers bring up very compelling arguments for both sides, but in the end the choice is really...

Bioware talking about Mass Effect 3 and more

15th of April   In an interview with Gameinformer, Bioware founders talked about Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars (among other things), from their most expected games (and ours) and to their decision making development. “One of the things that we’re really aware of for Mass Effect 3 as well is that we have a lot of new fans that are entering...

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