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The Hong Kong Massacre release date announced in action-filled trailer

The Hong Kong Massacrevideo
Indie developer VRESKI has released a new trailer for their hard-boiled top-down shooter The Hong Kong Massacre. Like you would expect if you read our impressions from the Gamescom demo, the trailer is full of shooting, Max Payne-esque slow motion, and tons of destruction. It's really a sight to behold. Apart...

The Hong Kong Massacre is a hard-boiled twin-stick shooter straight from the ’90s

The Hong Kong Massacre
It's the year 1992, and the Triad is raising havoc in the streets of Hong Kong. You take the role of a former police officer out seeking vengeance for his partner who was brutally killed by the Triad. You now know enough to start playing The Hong Kong Massacre, a new top-down, twin-stick shooter which takes its inspiration from Hong Kong...

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