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The Pathless is a mythic adventure from the creators of Abzu

Giant Squid, the developer of the relaxing underwater journey Abzu, has announced a new title called The Pathless. It's about an archer journeying through a vast forest to combat the curse of darkness that grips this beautiful world. You're not going on this journey alone. You are accompanied by an eagle that will guide you and help you hunt the...

Obsidian announces new role-playing game The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds combat
Obsidian Entertainment, developer of Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, have announced their newest project at The Game Awards - The Outer Worlds. Private Division will be publishing the game. Obsidian has teased the announcement earlier this week, but now we finally have a full trailer for the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGLTgt0EEqc The trailer sets off as your player character wakes from cryostasis. You are...

Obsidian Entertainment will reveal a new RPG at The Game Awards

Obsidian new RPG
Obsidian Entertainment is planning to reveal a new RPG during The Game Awards next week. Let's get to speculating. If you go over to obsidian.net, you'll be greeted by one of two pop-ups. Both look very old-timey and ask us to "say tuned for a special message" from either Spacer's Choice or Antie Cloe's. According to the text and countdown at the bottom,...

Alien Blackout could be an Alien Isolation sequel, according to a Fox trademark

Alien Blackout
Alien Blackout could be the name of the new Alien game FoxNext Games is working on. We know this thanks to a new trademark by 20th Century Fox. 20th Century Fox, who just so happens to be FoxNext Games' parent company, has trademarked Alien Blackout as a "game software, computer game, and video game software." The words "mobile application" are also...

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