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The Flower Collectors review: Solve a murder without going outside

The Flower Collectors review
The Flower Collectors is an engaging, tense, and topical murder mystery that takes place entirely within the confines of one small apartment in 1970s Barcelona. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: The Flowers Collectors is Rear Window in video game form. Instead of observing a New York courtyard in the 1950s, we are sitting on a balcony above...

In The Flower Collectors, you solve a murder mystery from your balcony

The Flower Collectors
The Flower Collectors is a detective mystery set in the "political powder-keg" of post-Franco Barcelona in 1977. You play as Jorge, an ex-cop now bound to a wheelchair. One stormy night, while observing the neighborhood through a pair of binoculars, Jorge witnesses a murder. Kinda like that classic Shia LeBeouf movie Disturbia (or Hitchcock's Rear Window is you're too good for Shia LeBeouf). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXCPhWR0EU0 As Jorge,...

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