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The Expendables 2 debut trailer brings on the power

Ubisoft has released the first trailer for the downloadable game based on The Expendables 2 movie, and as expect it has tons of explosions, gunfire and tough men shouting. Oh, and there is even some gameplay near the end. Enjoy! The Expendables 2: The Video Game is out in August on XBLA, PSN and PC.

Ubisoft announces The Expendables 2 game for the PC, XBLA and PSN

Ubisfot has announced The Expendables 2 video game, based on Lionsgate and Millennium Films up coming testosterone-filled action movie. If you recall, the game was already revealed two weeks ago by the Australian classification board. The game is a downloadable title, featuring three-player cooperative play where players can choose between Barney Ross (Stallone), Gunner Jensen (Lundgren), Hale Caesar (Crews) and Yin Yang (Li). The...

The Expendables 2 game confirmed by Australian classification board

The Australian classification board has posted a rating of a video game version of the upcoming action movie The Expendables 2. The board gave in a rating of MA15+ for strong language, and hinted at a possible multiplayer component in the game. Furthermore, the page lists Ubisoft as The Expendables 2 Videogame's publisher, but doesn't disclose the game's developer (probably Ubisoft themselves). No release date...

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