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Best horror games of 2017: The families, cults and book clubs you shouldn’t join

Best horror games of 2017
2017 was very kind to us horror fans (or cruel, depending on how you look at it). We had some truly amazing sequels, terrifying multiplayer experiences and a variety of different reasons to lose sleep. The indie horror scene way also very prolific this year, giving up some of the most interesting and twisted games we've played in a long time....

The Evil Within 2 review: Down a twisted rabbit hole

The Evil Within 2 review
The original The Evil Within was supposed to be Shinji Mikami’s triumphant return to survival horror. While it turned out to be a pretty decent action title, it had its fair share of issues. It just wasn't the “next Resident Evil 4” many horror fans were hoping for. The Evil Within 2, on the other hand, blends jump-scares, gore, psychological...

The Evil Within 2 launch trailer is gory, but you kind of expect that

The Evil Within 2
The Evil Within 2 will be here tomorrow, October 13, which happens to be Friday the 13th. To celebrate this spooky "coincidence", Bethesda has released the game's launch trailer. It has monsters, blood, fire and other disturbing images in it, which is kind of what we expected. The Evil Within 2 takes place in the town of Union, which is inside STEM....

The Evil Within 2 trailer warns you not to mess with Father Theodore

The Evil Within 2 trailer Theodore
The Evil Within 2 sure seem to be focusing a whole lot on one of its main villains - Father Theodore. Theodore was introduced to us in the last gameplay trailer, and now we get a new video that is all about this mysterious zealot. You can watch the video to learn more about Theodore and his purpose inside STEM. But don't go digging...

The Evil Within 2 opens up its environments and turns up the horror

The Evil Within 2 enemy
Bethesda’s booth was quiet when I entered on the last day of Gamescom. An odd sense of deja vu washed over me, but I brushed it off as I walked passed the bar and into a dark room, filled with monitors and a few anxious people waiting to get their hands on The Evil Within 2. I sat down, picked...

The Evil Within 2 trailer shows new villains, allies and monsters

The Evil Within 2 trailer
There's a new The Evil Within 2 trailer out there. This time, we get to see more of the different characters that inhabit the twisted world created by STEM. The trailer focuses on Theodore, one of the two main human villains in the game (that we know of). Theodore appears to be a religious zealot type, who created his own cult...

Oh man, The Evil Within 2 is going to be such a terrifying game

The Evil Within 2
The Evil Within 2 was announced at E3 2017, during the live screening of trailers Bethesda tried to pass as a "press conference". We saw a rather short gameplay montage at the so-called conferece, but today the company released the game's story trailer. This new video goes really well with the extended gameplay video that was available right after the...

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