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Sky is a Journey spiritual successor for Apple devices

Sky thatgamecompany
thatgamecompany has announced its first game in over 5 years. Sky is a multiplayer "social adventure game" coming first to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The teaser trailer shows that Sky is very similar, at least with its visuals, to Journey. Cloaked figures run, jump and fly together above the clouds instead of  in a desert. According to the studio, the game...

Thatgamecompany will unveil a new game this year

Thatgamecompany, the studio behind Flower and Journey, is hoping to reveal a new game in 2014. In a tweet aimed at a curious Journey fan, studio co-founder Jenova Chen said "Hopefully you will hear about it this year." At this point we don't know much about this game, but we'll keep an eye out. @mikeblackbourn thank you. Hopefully you will hear...

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