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Monster Sanctuary is escaping early access in December

Monster Sanctuary
Monster Sanctuary is a combination of Metroidvania and a monster-taming game developed by Moi Rai Games, a crew of only two people. After five years in development and a long time in Early Access - Monster Sanctuary is almost ready to launch on PC and consoles. The final version of Monster Sanctuary will be available on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4,...

Overcooked launch trailer cranks up the heat

Overcooked is a new indie title best described as a "cooperative coach cooking adventure." It's a cooperative game, where up to 4 chefs work together to cook and serve up orders against a timer. It might sounds simple, but the game's launch trailer shows that it can get very chaotic in the kitchen. Players will choose one out of 14 different chefs, and go...

Team17 to publish Way to the Woods by 16-year-old developer

Team17 has announced it will publish Way to the Woods, a game by Anthony Tan. Tan is a 16-year-old, Melbourne based student and independent developer from Studio Happy Bee. In Way to the Woods, you play as a deer and her fawn as they explore a "strange world filled with surreal imagery". According to the developer, the game is inspired by the...

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