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System Shock 3 teaser gives us a first glimpse of SHODAN 3.0

System Shock 3 teaser trailer
System Shock 3 was revealed in 2015 for PC and consoles. Since then, developer Otherside Entertainment stayed quiet. Now, we finally have the first ever video footage from the game. The teaser video shows a couple of potential enemies, including a mutated human and a security robot - enemies that should be familiar to anyone who played the previous...

System Shock 3 officially announced, could be a VR title

After a pretty obvious teaser, Otherside Entertainment has officially announced System Shock 3. If you go to their website, you'll see the game's logo, and a green digital face. You'll also hear a distorted voice calling you an insect. The full phrase is actually "Did you think I'd forgotten you, insect?" The voice will be familiar only to those who play the previous...

System Shock 3 will be revealed in a few days

Otherside Entertainment is getting ready to reveal System Shock 3. If you go to the studio's website, you'll see a countdown clock counting down to December 13, 9PM PST. You'll also see what seems to be the start of a teaser image and the phrase "I am flawless, perpetual... absolute." It's a little difficult to figure out what the teaser site is...

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