Superhot: Mind Control Delete review: More super, more hot

Superhot: Mind Control Delete review
Superhot: Mind Control Delete is simply more Superhot. More action, more weapons, more roguelike, and more meta weirdness about addiction. More and more until you can't take it anymore, but you still keep going. Superhot: Mind Control Delete started as DLC for Superhot, but grew into a separate, more substantial experience. It takes the same gameplay that made the original...

SUPERHOT release date announced with new trailer

SUPERHOT has just been given an official release date for PC. The developer, SUPERHOT Team, released a brand new trailer which containing mostly gameplay of it's new unique FPS, followed by the date February 25. Originally a web based shooter, what makes SUPERHOT stand out among other FPS games is the fact that time only moves when the player moves. This gameplay mechanic throws in a...

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