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Ark: Survival of The Fittest coming to the PS4 this summer

Sony gamers that enjoyed Studio Wildcard's, Ark: Survival Evolved, will soon be able to try out their multiplayer spinoff, Ark: Survival of the Fittest. Survival of the fittest is a Multiplayer Online Survival Arena (M.O.S.A.). It pits up to 72 combatants against each other in a hunger games style arena where they will have to survive waves of monsters, as well as each other....

Ark: Survival Evolved Early Access preview: The joy of harvesting dino poop

Ark: Survival Evolved presents the next evolution in expansive open world gameplay thanks to the talented developers at Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games. Ark provides a Skyrim level of epic scenery demanded by the hardest of hardcore gamers, and is even helpful to those who can't figure out why people love Minecraft so much. Ark's intricate gameplay and art style are...

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