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Bake ‘n Switch review: Wonderfully baked, but doesn’t follow the recipe

Bake 'n Switch review
Bake 'n Switch is a cute and challenging party game that brings any friendship to a boil, whether your playing with or against your friends. Bake 'n Switch has a pretty simple concept: collect pick up adorable creatures made of dough, and throw them in the oven to get points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8Ory5iL0kc The concept may be simple, but those cute little guys are...

Bake ‘n Switch turns to Kickstarter to add online multiplayer at launch

Bake 'n Switch online multiplayer
The co-op cooking brawler Bake 'n Switch is going to make your summer a little sweeter by adding online multiplayer to its mix at launch. To do so, Streamline Games has set up a Kickstarter campaign specifically to fund the Bake 'n Switch online multiplayer mode. The Bake 'n Switch Kickstarter campaign will launch on May 5. Technically, the game is...

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