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Stellaris Apocalypse story and release date revealed in new trailer

Stellaris Apocalypse
Paradox Interactive has released a new story trailer for Stellaris Apocalypse, the strategy game's latest expansion. While this trailer doesn't provide any further details about the content of the expansion, it is well-made and worth a watch. It's very dramatic. The trailer shows us Earth in its final moments as it is destroyed by one of the new Colossus ships introduced in...

Stellaris Apocalypse DLC adds a new doomsday weapon, ships and factions

Stellaris Apocalypse DLC
Stellaris, Paradox Interactive's space strategy game, gets its second major expansion with Stellaris Apocalypse. Apocalypse is aiming to be the opposite of the first expansion, Utopia. While Utopia was focused mostly on diplomacy and improving quality of life in your empire, Apocalypse seems to be all about military advancement, conquest, and domination. The teaser trailer doesn't provide too many details about...

Best Strategy games of 2016: First the world, then the galaxy

Best Strategy games of 2016
While 2016 wasn't the best year for strategy games, we still got quite a few good ones to satiate our need to issue commands, conquer, and micromanage. We have galaxy-spanning 4X epics, as well as smaller scale guerrilla warfare campaigns that are definitely the best the genre has to offer. Feel free to let us know if we missed anything,...

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