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VRX 2015 Interview: Spencer Honeyman – VirZoom

Hot off of one of the most interactive biking experience inside of a virtual world, the GamersPack crew were able to get an exclusive interview with Spencer Honeyman, the Director of Business Development at VirZoom. Aiming to break the stereotypes of classic fitness, the developers behind the new stationary bike were more than happy to detail the equipment's humble...

Virzoom wants you to have fun while getting in shape

The word "Exercise" isn't an attractive word to most people, even less so when put into a sweaty gym surrounded by people who look like professional body builders. Virzoom, the new stationary bike peripheral designed for Oculus VR, takes a new approach to the idea of fitness. On the VRX 2015 show floor, Virzoom showed that with two peddles,...

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