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Game of Thrones: Sons of Winter brings a chill this week

Telltale Games' awesome storytelling, much like winter, is coming with this week's release of Game of Thrones: Sons of Winter. Check out fourth episode's the trailer. In this latest episode, our scattered House Forrester is at risk once again and it seems nobody is safe, not even their closes allies. Rodrik will have a new opportunity to free Ironwrath from...

Game of Thrones: Sons of Winter screens prepare you for the worst

Telltale Games has released a new set of screenshots from Game of Thrones: Sons of Winter, the upcoming installment of the episodic adventure based on the award-winning TV show and novels. In Sons of Winter, you again will take control over members of House Forrester and decide their fates through both big and small decisions. According to the screenshots, thisĀ episode...

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