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Best action games of 2017: Aliens, demons and hedgehogs

Best Action games of 2017
Surprisingly enough, 2017's best action games are not shooters. Well, not most of them anyway. While we did have plenty of good shooting action this year, the games we ended up really liking had more blades, flowers and hedgehogs then usual. And some of them were downright retro. It's actually refreshing seeing so many games that don't involve so many guns...

Sonic Mania review: The Sonic craze is back

Sonic Mania review
Sonic the Hedgehog has been through ups and downs and many loop-the-loops in the past 26 years. Fans have started longing for those good-oldĀ 8-bit days, when Sonic was at its best. Thankfully, Sonic Mania is here to remind us just how good a Sonic game can be. Being a hardcore Sonic fan, I've played nearly all games in the series....

New Sonic games announced at San Diego Comic Con

Celebrating 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog at the San Diego Comic Con, Sega took it upon themselves to announce 2 brand-new Sonic games coming in 2017. The first of these is titled Sonic Mania, and is a love letter to the old 2D Sonic games - the trailer shows a fast-paced, wildly colorful re-imagining of the first three...

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