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Sonic Forces review: Running side by side

It isn't perfect, but Sonic Forces is really fun where it counts. And adding your own new character to the Sonic franchise is simply the best. Barely two months after the critically acclaimed, nostalgia filled masterpiece that is Sonic Mania, we get a new Sonic game, with a AAA production and full fledged 3D - Sonic Forces. Sonic Forces is the...

Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow marks the return of the ultimate life-form

Episode Shadow shadow
Sonic Forces, probably the biggest Sonic games of this decade, attacks with a new game mode. This mode, titled Episode Shadow, will be added for free to the full game. Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow serves as a prequel to the story of the full game. In this episode, we'll play as Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic's arch-rival. This add-on will provide some backstory...

Sonic Forces blasts off with a new gameplay mode and we played it

Sonic Forces
Sonic Mania is barely out the door and we've already had a chance to play the next big game in the series - Sonic Forces. We sprinted over to Sega's booth at Gamescom 2017, and played the latest demo of the game behind closed doors. Forces, developed by the same team that worked on the very successful Sonic Colors and...

Sonic Forces announced, first gameplay footage revealed

Sonic Forces
Project Sonic 2017 has been officially announced as Sonic Forces, the spiritual successor of the excellent Sonic Generations. The announcement took place during SXSW 2017, but now we have the official trailer, gameplay footage and screenshots to share. The cinematic trailer shows a city under attack my giant robots, probably sent by Doctor Eggman. Our hero Sonic the Hedgehog is running, jumping...

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