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Call of Duty WWII gets a chilling single-player trailer

Call of Duty WWII
Up until now, we only saw the multiplayer and zombies modes from the upcoming Call of Duty WWII. Today, Sledgehammer Games finally released the game's first single-player trailer. The single-player campaign follows Private Ronald “Red” Daniels and his squad. After surviving the infernal Normandy landing on D-Day, Daniels will participate in other iconic battles across Europe, like the Battle of Hürtgen Forest and...

EA reveals Titanfall 2 single-player campaign and new gameplay features

EA and Respawn Entertainment took the stage at their official E3 2016 press conference to showcase their galaxy sprawling epic war in their upcoming sequel - Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 is aiming to increase the scale of the original mech title through epic new weapons, features and of course, an offline single-player campaign. The debut trailer does a great job at...

Starhawk single-player trailer starts with a spark, continues with a bang

Sony Santa Monica has release a new trailer for Starhawk, Lightbox's futuristic third-person shooter,that focuses on the game's single-player campaign. Up until now we've mostly seen Starhawk's multiplayer mode, so it is nice to see the game will have a developed single-player experience as well. Starhawk is a PS3 exclusive set to release May 8 in North America and May 11...

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