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Games with Gold April 2017 lineup is all war and apocalypse

Games with Gold April 2017
Microsoft has unveiled the lineup of free games for Xbox Live Gold members, as part of Games with Gold April 2017. As start, as we always do, with the two free Xbox One games. The first title, which will be available for the entire month, is Ryse: Son of Rome. This hack-and-slash game is about a Roman centurion leading an army...

The GamersPack Best Games of 2013 Awards

The month of December is coming to an end, and with it the year 2013. This is the perfect time to hand out awards for our favorite titles that came out this year, and finally choose the very best game of 2013. There were some very good games this year, and some that didn't impress us all that much (and...

God of War: Ascension director joins Crytek, directing unannounced game

Todd Papy, director of God of War: Ascension, has left Santa Monica Studio in favor of Crytek, where he is directiong an announced project. What project exactly? We don't know - it's unannounced... Papy's new position was confirmed via his Twitter biography and LinkedIn profile. Any thoughts? Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome does share a few similarities to God of War, in...

Ryse: Son of Rome launch trailer gives you a good reason to fight

The Xbox One is almost upon us, and so are quite a few launch titles. The first one to get an official launch trailer is the Roman hack-and-slasher - Ryse: Son of Rome. Watch it in all it's glory below.

Ryse: Son of Rome video gets medieval with the combat system

Well, technically it gets more "Ancient Rome" than "Medieval", but you get my point... The new video, released by the good folks of Crytek, showcases the combat system of Ryse: Son of Rome. From the most basic combo up to full assault formations, this game has got some visceral combat, what with all the dismembered limbs flying around after each...

Fight for Rome in the latest Ryse: Son of Rome trailer

Crytek has released a new action-heavy trailer for Ryse: Sons of Rome and there was much rejoicing through the Xbox One camp of the console wars. You can watch it below.

Ryse: Son of Rome new trailers and screenshots are about story and legend

Ryse: Son of Rome, the Xbox One launch title, has two new trailer and a few screenshots to show you. The first video is about the game's story, and details Marius Titus' blood-soaked quest to slay the man responsible for the death of his family (and everyone else who gets in his way). It also has some impressive gameplay visuals for...

Ryse: Son of Rome dev diary takes you into battle

The dev team over at Crytek, currently working on Ryse: Son of Rome, has released a new video in which they discuss the game's brutal combat. They talk about how protagonist Marius Titus can fight multiple opponents at once thanks to fluid combat animations, how perks work, context-sensitive executions and more. The video also shows some alpha footage, so you get...

Are you not entertained? Ryse: Son of Rome Gladiator mode detailed

Crytek has revealed a new multiplayer mode for Ryse: Son of Rome, called Galdiator Mode. Players will enter the Colosseum together and face wave after wave of foes, just to satisfy the blood lust of the crowd. The objective here is to keep spectators entertained by killing dozens of enemy fighters. Each gladiator will have access to weapons, armor and...

All the best games are on Xbox One, according to Microsoft

Microsoft has release a new video showcasing the Xbox One's "blockbuster exclusives", new IPs and other high-profile games. What are you most excited about? Tell us below after watching the video.

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