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The launch trailer of L.A. Noire promises us an action filled game

A week before L.A. Noire hits the stores; Rockstar released the game’s launch trailer, which is of course supposed to convince us to buy the game. The trailer features mostly action scenes, which are so characteristic of Rockstar games, but it’s important to remember that the game puts a strong emphasis on investigating and thinking just as much as...

Max Payne 3 sporting a cool new beard

Rockstar have released four new screenshots from Max Payne 3, in them you can see Max with an impressive full beard. This is only one of the several faces of Max that we’ll be seeing. Max Payne 3 is intended for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Let’s hope to hear more about it in this year’s E3 convention.

New screenshots show us many new faces in Max Payne 3

New Screenshots from Max Payne 3 show us various looks of the protagonist, Max Payne. The old and balding version of him we have already seen in the first screenshots that were released, but now we can see a younger Max, dressed up more like a police detective, and Max in his classic look, with his signature haircut and...

GTA V to be released in January 2012

15th of April   The German GameStop site has uploaded today GTA V to their list of games available for pre-order. The site also shows an estimated release date – 15th of January, 2012 – and a short description in German. Here is a translated version provided by Google translates: "Rock Star is now the first official information about GTA V coughed...

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