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Is Plantronic’s Rig Flex LX right for you?

Developers like Plantronics understand that innovation is hard to come by in the world of audio. Between the sound quality of digital signals, input jacks and the typical volume control, the basics can seem very basic, which is where Rig Flex LX chimes in. The new design features an all new stereo adapter, two microphones and a cool new gaming...

Unboxing the Plantronics Rig Flex LX headphones

Come join Jassi and Hans as they unbox Plantronic's Rig Flex LX Headphones. Jassi was quite impressed with some of the Rig Flex LX's features, including the detachable mic that plugs into the side of the head set and the mini cable that features a mic as well. Whereas Hans finds out just how soft the ear padding was on the light weight...

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