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The Signifier review: A surreal investigation down memory lane

The Signifier review
The Signifier is a smart sci-fi murder mystery with some of the best surreal visuals out there, but will leave you clueless if you don't pay attention. It’s not every day you get to explore the mind of a murder victim (hopefully). To sift through their memories, subconscious, and trauma...

The Signifier invites you to solve a murder by exploring the victim’s mind

The Signifier
The Signifier is a slow-paced murder investigation game where you explore the victim’s memories, subconscious, and dreams. It’s also a tech-noir mystery that asks some serious questions about how technology affects our minds and shapes our reality. Since weird investigation games are my jam, I went online to speak with David Fenner, the creative...

Star Renegades review: A new hope

Star Renegades
Star Renegades takes inspiration from some big names but ultimately stands stronger on its own thanks to its one-of-a-kind combat system. Star Renegades is a rogue-lite RPG where you build a team of rebels to fight off the evil Imperium. It presents a nemesis system, similar to Shadow of Mordor,...

Gonner 2 local co-op mode revealed at Nintendo’s indie showcase

Gonner 2
The frantic shooter Gonner 2 is getting a four-player local co-op party mode. Publisher Raw Fury announced the new game mode during Nintendo’s latest Indie world showcase with a really short segment that shows two-player co-op. We have more co-op mayhem for you in the form of a gif. In case you're...

Sable gameplay video shows world exploration and stunning art style

Sable gameplay video
Sable is a lovely open-world exploration game about Sable, a nomad out on a rite of passage. We're not so sure at the moment who's exactly Sable, but we do know she was a cool hoverbike and hood. The new Sable gameplay video offers a glimpse into what's it like to play as her....

West of Dead review: Unfinished business

West of Dead review
West of Dead has everything it needs to succeed, and yet it remains stuck in its own little limbo - forever moving forward but never getting anywhere. The roguelike genre is on fire. It presents indie developers with a priceless opportunity to take a familiar and beloved formula, and use...

Atomicrops review: An absolute blast of a game

Atomicrops review
Atomicrops takes several fan-favorite genres, sticks them in a blender, and shoots forward one of the best and craziest games of 2020. We first stumbled upon Atomicrops at Gamescom 2019, just before it went into Early Access. Since then, the game just kept getting better and better with every update...

Call of the Sea is a vibrant Lovecraftian tale of love, longing, and fish people

Call of the Sea
Publisher Raw Fury and indie game studio Out of the Blue have officially announced Call of the Sea - an "otherworldly first-person adventure puzzle game." Set on an isolated tropical island in the 1930s, Call of the Sea casts you as Norah, a woman who has crossed the ocean in a desperate search for her husband Harry, that has...

West of Dead beta takes you to hell, and you’ll never want to leave

West of Dead exploration
West of Dead, the twin-stick roguelike shooter by developer Upstream Arcade and publisher Raw Fury, is now in open beta on PC and Xbox One. The game takes you to the grim and gritty world of Purgatory, where you step into the shoes of dead man William Mason. Why you're there, and where "there" is, are unclear...

Tech-noir adventure The Signifier invites you to solve the subconscious

The Signifier
Indie developer Playmestudio announced The Signifier, a "tech-noir" mystery adventure coming to PC this summer. You'll explore the darkest reaches of the human mind and interpret the abstract language of unconscious thought. All in the hope of uncovering the truth behind a grisly murder of a tech company's vice president.

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