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This is what Borderlands 3 might look like

Borderlands 3 GDC 2017
Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox Software, took to the stage during Epic's Unreal Engine presentation at GDC 2017, and showed something that "may or may not" be Borderlands 3. Pitchford wasn't there to reveal a new game, but to show the technology the studio is using for its future games. More specifically, the next Borderlands game. You can see exactly...

Borderlands 3 is currently in development, says Gearbox

Whilst creators of Borderlands, Gearbox Software, are busy with their game Battleborn, they are also very excited to share news of the next Borderlands title. Randy Pitchford, Gearbox's CEO, stated during PAX East that "it's no secret, obviously there's going to be another Borderlands." There's a team already in place to take on the project, including Gearbox's Mikey Neumann, who...

New “authentic” Brothers in Arms title is in the works

Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox Software, has confirmed the studio is working on an "authentic" entry in the World War II franchise Brothers in Arms. Speaking to IGN at Develop Brighton, Pitchford talked about the new Brother in Arms title, saying it is still in a very early stage of development. In fact the title will remain nothing more than an...

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