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Project Scorpio is Xbox One X, coming November for $500

Xbox One X
Xbox One X is officially the name of Project Scorpio, Microsoft's new console. It is currently scheduled to hit the market on November 7, and is priced at $499 (£449 / €499 / $499 / CAD 599 / AUS 649 in other regions). The new console is both the most powerful console ever made, and the small Xbox console ever, which...

Microsoft gushes over the Project Scorpio dev kit in a new video

Project Scorpio dev kit
Microsoft is finally ready to talk about Project Scorpio, just not the one you'll be able to buy and play on later this year. No, the video above is about the Project Scorpio dev kit, and all the neat features it has that developers will absolutely love. Director of Programming for Xbox Live Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, talks with Kevin Gammill...

Project Scorpio will feature internal PSU and 4K game caputre

Project Scorpio
Project Scorpio, the mid-generation version of the Xbox One, will have an internal power supply unit (PSU) and will support game DVR and streaming in 4K and 60 frames-per-second. According to a report on  Windows Central, Project Scorpio will continue in the footsteps of the Xbox One S, and will get rid of the power brick that plague Microsoft's consoles...

Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s new console, is coming Holiday 2017

Microsoft's Project Scorpio has finally been announced, and we'll be able to get our hands on it in 2017's holiday season. The mysterious Project Scorpio from Microsoft was announced during their official E3 press conference as an additional console in the Xbox family that will come towards the end of next year. Although we didn't even get to see how...

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