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Fable Legends is canceled, Lionhead Studios shutting down

Microsoft has canceled Fable Legends, theĀ 4v1 multiplayer title that has been in development since 2012. Not only that, but Lionhead Studios, the studio behind this game and the whole Fable franchise, will be shutting down as well. In an official statement, Microsoft it is "in discussions with employees about the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios in the UK." We also...

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood review: Pass it on to your little brother

Younger siblings can be a pain, no two ways about it. They tease, annoy, break stuff and always seem to get away scot free, while the older ones have to turn the other cheek and look after them the best they can. It's a heavy burden to bear, almost a curse of brotherhood if you will. Max knows the...

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood launch trailer and screens draw you into a dark fantasy world

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is currently available on the Xbox One, so a launch trailer is in order. Microsoft is more than glad to deliver one for us. You can watch it below alongside some screens.

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