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Best Games of 2020: 20 games we loved playing in 2020

Best games of 2020
2020 was… a year. But while it sure had its difficulties, we decided to focus on the good stuff - video games. Great video games, to be more precise. Some would even say "the best video games." We made a list of the best 20 games of 2020 - the AAA and indie titles we couldn't possibly have made it...

Persona 5 Royal review: Will steal your heart all over again

Persona 5 Royal kasumi
Persona 5 Royal is the ultimate take on the powerful Persona 5. It builds upon the original in every way and brings one of the best JRPG stories of this generation. I always knew that the Persona is a series I’d like. With an authentic portrayal of Japanese life, fun characters, detailed animation, and beaming with style - it's a...

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