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Rumor: People Can Fly working on Gears of War prequels

According to a rumor on OXM (Official XBOX Magazine), the development studio People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm)  is currently developing a trilogy of prequels for Gears of War. The rumor appeared on the rumor section of the magazine, stating that  "Gears of War will live on, of course, but in what form? A prequel trilogy developed by Epic-owned People Can Fly (Bulletstorm)...

The Bulletstorm demo for the PC has arrived

PC gamers, are you ready for Bulletstorm?! Great…where were you over the last couple of months? It’s been out since February. For some mysterious reason, EPIC and People Can Fly have decided to release the PC demo version two months after the game itself has been released. So to all of you who have yet to play this, marvellous and action filled,...

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