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Noir adventure Blacksad: Under the Skin, gets a September release date

Blacksad: Under the Skin
Blacksad: Under the Skin is an upcoming narrative adventure based on a comic book series by the same name. You play as the titular John Blacksad, a private investigator who is also an anthropomorphic black cat. As you can see and hear in the official story trailer below, the game follows the comic's noir...

Yesterday launch trailer is… confusing

One of the perks of running a gaming news site is that you can pretty much write about anything you like, even about games not a lot of people heard about. One of these games is Yesterday - an adventure game made by the same people who brought us the great Runaway series. The is set to launch March 22...

A demo is out for The Next Big Thing

14th of April, 2011   If you’re anything like me, you love adventure games. And, like me, you loved the three games in the Runaway series by Pendulo Studios, you sure will enjoy hearing that their next project, The Next Big Thing, is on it’s way to us. If you can’t wait for the 21st of April, the game’s official release...

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