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Paradise Killer review: A true Investigation Freak

Paradise Killer review
Keep an open mind and an appetite for the truth, and fall in love with Paradise Killer, its colorful characters, and the gripping murder mystery at its center. Lady Love Dies is a world-famous detective called back from exile to solve her most challenging case yet - who killed Paradise. Paradise is not a person, a band, or a religious...

Paradise Killer invites you to solve a murder on a colorful island full of lunatics

Paradise Killer
In Paradise Killer, the debut game of indie studio Kaizen Game Works, you need to find out who killed Paradise. Paradise isn't a person, though - it's an entire island full of lunatics, psychopaths, and "a thousand secrets." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3nAfoLrdR8 Let's back up a bit, because this game's lore is a bit hard to follow. There's this organization called the Syndicate, an immortal...

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