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Overcooked The Lost Morsel DLC is ready to be served

Overcooked, the fast-paced multiplayer cooking game, has new DLC titled The Lost Morsel. As shown in the trailer, this DLC features a host of new chefs, as well as a more... exotic locale. You also get a helicopter to travel around in. With more frantic action in the kitchen, the DLC will only put more strain on your friendships as you...

Overcooked launch trailer cranks up the heat

Overcooked is a new indie title best described as a "cooperative coach cooking adventure." It's a cooperative game, where up to 4 chefs work together to cook and serve up orders against a timer. It might sounds simple, but the game's launch trailer shows that it can get very chaotic in the kitchen. Players will choose one out of 14 different chefs, and go...

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