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Outcast remake hits PC and consoles on March 2017

Outcast: Second Contact, the HD remake of the cult 1999 open-world title, will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come March 2017. Set in the near future, Outcast: Second Contact takes players to the parallel world of Adelpha, where an attack on a US probe causes a distortion of space-time and threatens to destroy both Adelpha and Earth. Protagonist Cutter Slade, a former Special...

Outcast IP revived by original team, announcements coming soon

Yann Robert, Franck Sauer and Yves Grolet - the three founders of the Belgian game development studio Appeal - have announced a purchase agreement with Atari Europe SAS for the Outcast IP. The trio formed the original team that created the critically acclaimed open-ended game back in 1999, and have started a process to revive the franchise. News and official...

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