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Omensight review: Canceling the apocalypse

Omensight review
Omensight is a fun murder mystery game with great combat, but more polish and content could have made it even better. You had one job - stopping the end of the world. Unfortunately, you failed. Too bad really, because it was a beautiful world full of cute furry animals in constant political conflict. Now they are all dead. Luckily for you (or...

Omensight tasks you with stopping an apocalypse, a war and a murder

Omensight is an upcoming indie action game labeled as a time loop action murder-mystery. I love a good murder-mystery. I'm also quite fond of the movies Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow, so I guess you can say I'm partial to the whole time loop concept. After watching the first Omensight gameplay video, recently released by developer Spearhead Games, I can...

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